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Clear Creek Tahoe Clubhouse

Amazing clients are a big part of amazing design. The Clubhouse was envisioned by Collaborative Design Studio and brought to life by the skillful efforts of SierraCon general construction. The Clear Creek Tahoe Clubhouse began with the fabrication and installation of the brass bar shelving and face-of-bar, then grew into the design and build of the nine foot tall, LED-illuminated, Clear Creek signature pinecone sculpture, the minimalist library ladder, and the hand-forged, pinecone tap handles, as well as signage across the property. We are delighted with the continuity of design throughout this magnificent clubhouse and we are grateful to Clear Creek for providing us with the artistic freedom to create some of our best work. 


Bar shelving: Brass and hot rolled steel come together to create minimalist bar shelving.  This mountain modern clubhouse also features cold rolled steel with hand-finished gun blue patina, Gage Architectural Products woven wire and waxed hot rolled steel. 

Library Ladder: Minimalist library ladder features flat strap steel, a black oxide patina, and fully concealed welds, offerring quick and stylish access to Clear Creek Tahoe's selection of fine spirits. 

Pinecone Sculpture: This hand-forged, 9 foot tall, LED illuminated sculpture is a centerpiece of the Clear Creek Clubhouse, with options to change the mood for all seasons festivities. 

Tap handles: End-grain white oak tap handles feature custom, hand-forged pinecones and deliver IMBĪB Custom Brews Clearcreek Signature Pale Ale in style. 

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