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Von Bismarck Gastsätte

Von Bismarck is a modern family style restaurant inspired by the traditions of Eastern and Northern Europe. Von Bismarck aims to focus the best of the old world through a modern lens and present it in an atmosphere of conviviality and generosity.  Alignment Metalworks is honored to have contributed to the welcoming ambience and purposeful functionality of this one-of-a-kind gastsätte.  


Trellis: Douglas fir beams carrying 2x2 angle iron. The orientation of the leg of the angle allows more sunlight through in the morning hours than the afternoon hours and creates a dynamically weathering finish. Designed and built by Alignment Metalworks.


Kitchen Pass-Through: The roll up door opens the kitchen to the outdoor seating area, but gives patrons a little too much access to the kitchen.  Using brass, powde- coated, perforated material and a hot-rolled top, a screen wall and plating shelf provide an aesthetic division between the dining and kitchen spaces.

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